August 20, 2011

Prison of the Mind

Z. Hall is an educator, researcher, blogger, photographer, and poet. A large part of her work focuses on social justice. Her research interests include the history of art controversies, the communication surrounding art conflicts, and how this communication functions within society. She earned a doctorate in communication studies in 2009.

As the author of this blog, Z. writes about topics that, through conversation with members and readers, further understanding of the human condition. Her belief is that public deliberation is beneficial for consciousness raising, building tolerance acceptance, and problem solving.

Prison of the Mind
Z. Hall

Image by Annemarie Hoogwoud

I’m breaking free!

Congratulations! How?

Eyes focused anew,
perspectives multiplied,
challenging assumptions
that be
the rock
limited pos-si-bi-li-ty.

At midnight’s approach
clubbing the night guard,
taking the keys,
opening the cells,
triggering the sprinklers.


It’s not mayhem.

It is dawn.

Inmates of the mind
have set

the land of tranquility, 
abundance, and light.


You have my interest.
if achieved.
Go on.

The experience
is in
An epic quest,
invitations to all.

Tell me
of your pilgrimage
Godspeed, trusted, fellow inmate!

Image from:

Thanks for sharing
this leg of the journey.
movement on the cellblock,
asking, "how?"

This much we have achieved.


We must gather the others.

© Z. Hall, 2011


  1. Free mind... it's what everyone wants, but don't truly understand what it means to have. Hopefully I'll get there Insh'allah.

  2. I fervently believe that you will get there, Mark, along with all of humanity. I am of the faith that the will of the Universe, God's will, will be realized. It is unstoppable; like the rain cycle, seasons, and the presence of life.

    We know that the will of the Universe is unstoppable by the evidence before us. Even after the most horrific catastrophes life pushes forth, unaided. In the harshest conditions (e.g., the Sahara desert) life commands a space. Life on this planet is God’s will regardless of one’s religious belief, non-religious belief, or atheists. Evidence also points to the intention for humankind to have minds free to reach their full potential rather than being slaves to a system limits personal growth, creativity, and oneness among humans. For me, the evidence is centuries of resistance; grand and subtle, by individuals and groups with no respect to race, nationality, or gender.

    People of all walks, creeds, nationalities and both genders want to be free! I’m just not certain that everyone wants to have a free mind. I’m not convinced that everyone has given it thought—to the degree that real change requires. In time, though, they will. They will have to—because it’s the will of the Universe. The beauty of the time that we are living in is that so many people are thinking about it, right now. And, IMHP, it will be through our pilgrimage toward our full potential that we re-discover what it means to have a free mind.

    Our conversation is proof positive that the pilgrimage is in progress. Humanity is moving toward the light. Come! We must gather the others.


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