October 22, 2011

Civil Society, Freedom of Expression and Peaceful Assembly

Dear readers,

If you haven't connected with an Occupy movement near you I ask that you watch this video. I can't endorse it as *the best* video on the movement but it certainly captures hypocrisy in the form of U.S. international policy and sentiment.

The issues that negatively affect the lives of people around the globe are much broader (e.g., bank bailouts, limiting access to fresh water in developing countries, forced child labor, inadequate healthcare in the U.S., etc.)  than what is presented here but this is a good place to start.

I share this video because it shows, in high-relief, what happens in the “land of the free” when The People exercise free expression and assemble to support each other in the full expression of those ideas.

I’m not asking you to join the movement, just to be knowledgeable about if from the perspective of the Occupiers (news outlets don’t get it). This is an historic, global movement that will affect the lives of everyone.

~Peace and Blessing, Z.

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