January 11, 2016

The Man Who Fell to Earth: David Bowie

Upon the world learning of the much too soon passing of David Bowie, my social media newsfeeds became inundated with posts about him. And I loved it!

Two facts did not escaped my notice:
  1. Black folk  showed up for Bowie the same way they do with the passing of a black American icon
  2. *Most* white folk who were showing up for Bowie (as they should have) I didn’t hear a peep from upon the passing of supernovae the likes of James Brown and Whitney Houston, you get my point.
  • People, these were black folk who changed the course of entire music genres, if not the course of music itself! And Bowie, like most superstars, had his problems.
    • So, yeah, he fell to earth, but so did the rest of us.
  • But let's be clear, based on the interview below, I suspect Bowie did not speak of blacks in mixed company one way and differently in all white settings. He is clearly not posturing to obtain "diversity and inclusion" funding.
So ...

Dear White Friends and Black Friends Uncomfortable in the Fullness of Your Blackness,* I am taking a moment to say we need to do a better job as human beings of cherishing and honoring those whose art has made a difference to us and changed the world.

And, honestly, I believe Bowie would say this is the perfect moment to raise our consciousness regarding our national and international treasures!

::no apologies::

*I used to call such lilly-livered black and brown folk "pet niggas." But I've grown in my understanding and appreciation that living blackness is a peculiar and constant struggle. And that these folk are struggling with a failure of consciousness rather than weak-boned fortitude. Now I just call them lost.

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