October 18, 2011

Will You Change the World?

Perhaps a month or two before I began blogging I decided to locate several blogs that I find enjoyable which demonstrate best practices (I've grown so tired of what are too often empty catch phrases), which demonstrate a connection with readers and provide a great example of not just well-written posts but also of interaction with readers in a way that makes the time-consuming practice of thoughtful writing worth the effort. I believe that blogging is about exchange, many bloggers do this very well. For my purposes, I found sever blogs that fit this description, one is The Practical Free Spirit authored by Amy Sundberg. With her permission, I share one of her posts here.

Will You Change the World?

High Dy Ran, Toyko
Some people know they can’t change the world. They are beaten and dreary, prone to complaining about things they know they can’t control just for the sake of complaining. The world is a hostile place, and these people are its victims. Nothing will ever be better for them, and nothing will ever change. They live in a haze of “can’t,” and therefore they spend their lives in a prison of impossibilities, devoid of hope.

Some people hope they can change the world. They realize there are a lot of things that could use some changing, and that many of the needed changes are on such a large scale they can’t even begin to fathom how they could make a difference. So instead they focus on what they can change. Sometimes these people start out small, with a smile or a twenty buck donation, or by educating themselves further so they gain a greater understanding of the world around them. These people understand that affecting one other person can have a ripple effect, therefore giving their actions meaning.

Amy Sundberg
Some people think they can change the world. They have big ideas and even bigger dreams, and when they speak about these ideas, a certain brightness creeps over their features, serving as a beacon in the long, cold night of apathy. Not only do they have ideas, but they act upon them. They tend to try many things, and sometimes they fail. We might expect them to slink away after such failure, but inevitably they brush themselves off and either tackle the problem from a new direction or find another problem to address.

Some people are changing the world. Are you one of them? Do you want to be?

No doubt, building an audience took a great deal of time for the bloggers that I admire. We write because I must. We blog because I want to discuss. It's in the exchange that growth happens. It is our non-violent way of changing the world.
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