August 17, 2011

Immigration Law vs. Christian Principle

Image by Sabastian Panwitz
The toughest immigration law in the United States goes into effect on September 1, 2011 in Alabama. The legislation reaches as far as prohibiting giving a ride to an illegal immigrant. But individuals are taking a stand against the system.

One hundred and fifty church leaders argue that the stringent immigration law contradicts the biblical command to be hospitable to strangers. This is significant since clergy have considerable influence in their communities. It sends a compelling message: We are not powerless.

Bravo to the church leaders in Alabama. The very act of taking a stand against a law which would make it impossible to be kind to strangers is in harmony with the Christian principle of being a Good Samaritan. You are setting a fine example for persons of all religious and spiritual backgrounds.

A co-sponsor of the bill, Senator Holtzclaw, and Rev. Lacey of Woodlawn Methodist Church in Birmingham were interviewed on “The Takeaway.”

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