February 7, 2016

The Shrews are Drunk in Love

Hall, Z. (Nov. 2015) The Shrews are Drunk in Love
Popular Music and Society, 40(2), 1-13 (print version tentatively: May 2017)
DOI: 10.1080/03007766.2015.1101276

[Abstract] BeyoncĂ© and Jay Z’s “Drunk in Love” has been praised for its artistry and criticized for its violent content. Intimate partner violence and non-partner violence against women have been a major struggle around the world for centuries. Today, in the United States, they are considered a public health threat. This study unpacks the contrapuntal text of “Drunk in Love.” The researcher used frame analysis and close textual analysis to explore its polyphonic text. The question is how does “Drunk in Love” function to either perpetuate patriarchy or challenge the foundations of the institution? This article analyzes three frames: “The Carters” explores intimate partner violence; “The Hook-Up” investigates non-partner violence; and “The Shrews Tamed,” through the lens of intimate partner violence, interrogates “Drunk in Love” as an adaptation of The Taming of the Shrew, the most compelling of the frames.

Free access link (if you have institutional access, please use it and leave these limited links for those who do not. Thank you!): Download

February 5, 2016

Salon~360 Talks with Nigerian Artist Jelili Atiku

Participants at Salon~360's January 26, 2016 'Art Activism' event watched a clip of Jelili Atiku’s most recent performance.

There are a number of positions on art activism. Salon~360 approached it from the perspective of art that makes a statement, potentially carries risk for the artist, and has an effect on the realities of individuals, institutions, and systems.

Jelili is a multidisciplinary, multimedia artist with political concerns for human rights and justice. Through drawing, installation sculpture, photography, video and live art performance he strives to help viewers understand the world and expand their understanding and experiences so that they can activate and renew their lives and environments. Jelili draws heavily on his background, Yoruba, its practices and achievements, for inspiration.

On January 14, 2016, Jelili Atiku and several others performed 'Aragamago Will Rid this Land of Terrorism.'

On Saturday, January 30, 2016, Salon~360 chatted with Jelili Atiku.

Learn more about Jelili on Salon~360's webpage and visit his website!

If you are i
n or near Michigan (U.S.), stop in to see Jelili Atiku's work in the 'Material Effects: Contemporary Art from West Africa and the Diaspora' exhibit in the Broad Museum at Michigan State University! November 6, 2015 - April 8, 2016

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February 4, 2016

Woman: Portal to the Dimension of Human Life

Forever awe inspiring.

The instance of conception, the process of gestation and birth continue to be points of magic. Recently, I have been introduced to the Yoruba notion of aragamago in relation to female energy, which I am exploring further.

January 12, 2016

Rhetoric, Art, and Conflict--My Contribution

Impact of Communication and the Media on Ethnic Conflict

Release Date: December, 2015. Copyright © 2016. 344 pages.


Throughout the world, cultural and racial clashes remain a major hurdle to development and progress. Though some areas are experiencing successful intercultural communications which pave the way for peaceful negotiations, there are still many regions experiencing severe turmoil.

Impact of Communication and the Media on Ethnic Conflict focuses on both the positive and negative outcomes of communication and media usage, as well as the overall perceptions of these elements, within conflicting populations. Featuring theoretical perspectives on various intergroup interaction experiences within contemporary ethnic controversies, this publication will appeal to scholars, researchers, professors, and practitioners interested in ethnic studies, conflict resolution, communications, and global peace building.

Chapter 14
The first international art controversy erupted after the publication of satirical cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in Denmark's Jyllands-Posten.

Chapter Sample PDF

See IGI website for full Table of Contents.

Impact of Communication and the Media on Ethnic Conflict is in the series Advances in Media, Entertainment, and the Arts.

January 11, 2016

The Man Who Fell to Earth: David Bowie

Upon the world learning of the much too soon passing of David Bowie, my social media newsfeeds became inundated with posts about him. And I loved it!

Two facts did not escaped my notice:
  1. Black folk  showed up for Bowie the same way they do with the passing of a black American icon
  2. *Most* white folk who were showing up for Bowie (as they should have) I didn’t hear a peep from upon the passing of supernovae the likes of James Brown and Whitney Houston, you get my point.
  • People, these were black folk who changed the course of entire music genres, if not the course of music itself! And Bowie, like most superstars, had his problems.
    • So, yeah, he fell to earth, but so did the rest of us.
  • But let's be clear, based on the interview below, I suspect Bowie did not speak of blacks in mixed company one way and differently in all white settings. He is clearly not posturing to obtain "diversity and inclusion" funding.
So ...

Dear White Friends and Black Friends Uncomfortable in the Fullness of Your Blackness,* I am taking a moment to say we need to do a better job as human beings of cherishing and honoring those whose art has made a difference to us and changed the world.

And, honestly, I believe Bowie would say this is the perfect moment to raise our consciousness regarding our national and international treasures!

::no apologies::

*I used to call such lilly-livered black and brown folk "pet niggas." But I've grown in my understanding and appreciation that living blackness is a peculiar and constant struggle. And that these folk are struggling with a failure of consciousness rather than weak-boned fortitude. Now I just call them lost.

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