About the Author

Dr. Hall is an independent communication scholar, artist, curator and art writer. Her scholarly research interests are: visual art, literature, visual and material rhetoric, dialogue, gender, identity, race, media, and intersections of these.

Hall's curatorial interests, artistry, and art writing reflect her research interests. All of these converge in her work as Executive Director and Producer of Salon~360, a monthly event that brings together scholars, artists, activists, students, and the local community in dialogue about society's most challenging issues.

Hall's philosophy: The essence of life is about the exchange of energy produced in the exploration of our world. E
xamining issues and topics using a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach requires creativity and vision if we are to fully appreciate and experience our global community. 

The concept of 360 degrees underscores the interdependence of all life. Together we: create, discover, and improve the quality of our existence.
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