February 25, 2016

Open Letter to Oppression

Come for us if you will.

You want to destroy individuals and their work because when they hold up a mirror, the true reflection in which you are harsh even to your own power-numbed conscience scares you too.

Those “others” and poor whites who guard your present-day plantation to suckle at the tit of regular paychecks, lifestyles just a few notches above what they could otherwise afford, titles, structural support, and “I’m an insider” bragging rights crumbs have been around since the founding of this country.

And you rely on any one of them concerning what we are thinking or what we have said? They don’t know!  Don’t put faith in their edited recordings, half-truths, and whisperings that affirm your hatreds and fears. How can you trust reports from those so deeply dependent on your good graces not to tell you exactly what you want to hear to boost their own star, wallets, and egos. They know well your songs and dances, and how to hold your tune. Since slavery, reconstruction, Jim Crow, the Civil Rights Era, the Black Power Movement and all strategies targeting “minority” groups up to today they have strengthened their DNA to know how to maintain your pitch.

Who is at risk?

That’s right. You have your open conversations when “others” are not in the room. What do you think the conversations sound like when your liaisons are in their respective rooms? What do you imagine is said by them when the demand to be “in tune” is absent?

We are without ill-will and forthright. Don’t ask your proxy, ask us yourself. Just don’t ask questions you don’t want a genuine answer to. We are not sensitive to the fragile fa├žade to your brutal actions, thoughts and policies, which intend to destroy the aspirations and lives of people who look like us. No.

Your often used trope “I’d like to think that these things are not intentional” lacks veracity. You know that, we know that, the world knows that! Yet you continue to stroke yourself with this widely-known falsehood. How is it possible for anyone to respect that?!

And if you can a lease be honest with yourself, this is what you hate about us: We don’t pretend, along with you, that you are fragile and harmless.

So come for us if you will. But know that when you do, you are coming to destroy what you and the world knows about yourself. It is a form of self-hatred, actually. But you are too weak and greedy to hold yourself accountable.


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