February 28, 2016


If we step away from personal feelings, Nerdlandener to not-so-much, toward Dr. Melissa Harris Perry (for the record I like her) the larger picture comes into view.

It's plain. It's uncomplicated: "The master's tools [finish the sentence] will ...." ~Audre Lorde

Let's be clear, I don't claim to be clairvoyant where Perry's career at MSNBC is concerned. Our "seeing it coming" is not the important issue here.

It is vital that we step up to support and rebuild our black institutions, and create new ones that are platforms for the unapologetic black voice.

Otherwise, we are merely working Massa's plantation no matter if it's by choice (plantation guard) or necessity (sharecropper).

No judgement. This is the reality and the choices we face.

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