August 16, 2011

Which Americans? Whose Prosperity?

Jim Crow is alive, well, and heavily funding in American society. This film reveals how and why the Koch brothers are trying to end public education in the Wake County, North Carolina community. Should the goal of having children attend “neighborhood schools” be of concern to the broader society?

Historically, Jim Crow negatively affected the quality of life for Blacks across the United States. The 21st Century Jim Crow multiplies the ramifications of re-segregation which threatens the prosperity of each individual who doesn’t fit into the homogenous, separate and unequal, well-funded schools of the elite. Yes, modern-day Jim Crow has expanded his love-to-hate embrace to include immigrants, blacks and browns, and all but the super-wealthy.

It’s not difficult to envision the international ramifications of re-segregation when viewed through the lenses of nationality, race, and class. This film is well-done and informative.

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