September 5, 2011

Discovering Strengths

I'm a visual person. I love taking photographs of people and places. I also love movies and used to love television until its offerings were reduced to drivel, but I digress. Some time ago, I developed a desire to create videos. I didn't have a camera and had never used editing software and I didn't own a program either. Nevertheless, I said to the Universe, I want to make videos.

A few weeks ago I decided to head to the lake and make some clips. It was my first experience with a video camera and my objective was to play and have some fun. Oh boy, did I have fun. I pointed, focused, lost focus, and got (well) more than one shot of the ground.

The footage sat for several weeks because I still didn't have any editing software and had no idea when that would happen. But I knew it would. However, I didn't attach to the desire to own (or know how to use) the software. I'll talk more about attachement in a upcoming post.

Today, I was in The Lab manipulating chemicals, temperature, and time to prepare brunch and my eldest son happened to stop by as he does on many Sundays around this same time--famished, of course. I asked him about the editing program that he uses. It turns out that it's a freeware program! He showed me a few basics and I jumped in like dolphin to the Pacific.

At the lake, I spent about three and a half hours and ended up with more footage than I can ever use. It turns out that this is a good thing! There was so much to choose from. Editing took a few hours because of my learning curve and the fact that editing it a bit tedious but I had as much fun editing as I did filming.

Here is degree of the 360 degrees of me. This I call "Summer Day at the Lake." The reality is this: I trusted the Universe, stepped in the direction of my desires, and discovered something new about myself. It's up to me to keep believing, moving, and creating.

Note to self: Always, always, always bring the tripod! LOL

What untapped degree of you are you exploring? Please share your adventures!

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