About This Blog

Hall explores art, literature, and society and culture using rhetorical critique through the lenses of gender, race, class, identity, media and intersections of these. The notion of 360 degrees relates to the idea that gaining knowledge requires collaborative, interdisciplinary approaches and numerous perspectives. Posts may be original work and/or curated from external sources as cited.

The focus is to investigate
art, society and culture through a broad range of topics, media, domains. Visit the "Blog Posts" tab to find entries of interest. You can also find links to posts by date in the "Blog Archive" on the right-hand bar. Or, use the search feature.

Openly and compassionately interrogating society's most pressing issues engenders trust and fosters growth -- individually and collectively. Participants must respect other participants. In other words, when commenting: attack the idea, not the person.

To ensure that you are honored as a participant, here are a few playground rules:

  • No spam
  • No comments irrelevant to the post or ongoing discussion
  • No ad hominem or obscenities directed at others
The author reserves the right to delete without notice violations of any of the above.

Photo credits (L-R): Charlotte Hill O'Neil, Z. Hall, Chris Gelken, Deji Odetoyinbo, Chris Gelken (final two).
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